September 8, 2021


androula – it may all be over soon – ECO-EMOTIONS


I seek out the rest of her kind in her eyes to say sorry

But she doesn’t know forgiveness because she doesn’t know evil;

Even in dreams, we can’t absolve ourselves –

– and all there is left to do is love

and that is what the end feels like. 

As we witness the increasing collapse of the natural world and the suffering of nonhuman beings due to human-induced climate change, emotions such as guilt, grief, and despair begin to set in. These “eco-emotions”, as they have come to be called, make up part of the psychology of the climate crisis,1 and as the latter intensifies, it becomes imperative that we acknowledge and respond to them, both individually and collectively. One of the primary undertakings of it may all be over soon will be to address such emotions, along with other features of the psychology of climate change, through text and song.


  1. And part of its ethics, too: certain eco-emotions (such as guilt) are moral emotions.