Between 1.00-2.00 pm on 18th October, together but separately, we agreed to explore ideas of ‘Mobility’ in our own localities. We used whatever means we had to share images and sounds.  We are a dispersed community:  from Cyprus, Norway, England and Scotland.  Some of us also invited other people – also based in other places – to explore the idea too.  We are using these strategies to generate images and texts that start conversations on a specific theme, and through them we begin to make connections with wider geo-political dialogues.


One of us observed:  “I sit absolutely still. … No, that’s not true. I move all the time.”

“I compare my travelling journeys with my grandmother’s journeys. She travelled shorter and stayed for longer.”


Two of us walked for an hour (3873 steps according to the mobile phone data) in an easterly direction – along Great Western Road in Glasgow – via ‘Paradise’ to ‘Damascus Gate’. Along the way we found restaurants and cafés selling food from all over the world:  Scotland, Italy, China, Vietnam, Japan, Africa, Mexico, India, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Syria. Afterwards we ate food and had a conversation with a Syrian refugee in a café.


One of us drove 89 miles to visit a Bronze Age stone.


One of us took a train ride from their home in southern Spain – “our first in seven months due to Covid-19 confinement” – to see two friends:  one from Iraq and the other from Belgium/Holland. “This year has been the longest period in 50 years that we have spent in one place.”

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