cie K&A #4

Today this page becomes a blank a page to be filled by our 8102 constructor Simona Kurz Piras. 


IT EITHER IS OR IT IS NOT by Simona Kurz Piras

A current status of aliveness declares our definition of being. If the mere presence of water in a living being becomes language, how would communication naturally be?

A story for the sake of keeping telling stories.

Created for the project 8102

K&A x SP, 2020
Introducing our guest:

“A kaleidoscope is a rather good image to define Simona Piras’s practice. More precisely, it is the action of looking inside and that feeling of blooming curiosity which triggers her.

Her research is inspired by playing with the concept of language, its meaning and nuances along with the search of the hideous grotesque side of a scenario. Nature, movement, the circularity of evolution, the awareness of the self in a space, the interaction with the other, either animated or unanimated are also other sources where she finds herself wandering into.

She likes creating stories, thinking, sketching and building them. Any size, any purpose. The more immersive, the better. It is an ongoing discussion and discovery taken with an experimental attitude and a thirst for more. The focus is to reveal a perspective, an opinion and engage with it proactively. This process is enabled twofold: from the side of the artist towards the observer; as a rebound effect, from the observer towards the artwork.

A generator of new cosmos. Like a kaleidoscope. The viewer is gently invited to come and have a look.”

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