October 5, 2020

Die Wolke art group

Die Wolke #4

Choreographic development


Drosia Triantaki


Topos means place. Place can be thought of as “human memory”, as Dimitri Papageorgiou suggested in his interview that we are attaching. Memories profoundly affect the human body, causing different moving expressions, or indeed stillness.

A phrase from his interview that we are working with is “memory is inaccurate”: living the present is very different than mentally restoring it by memory. This is used as a reference in the search for kinetic material, using a method based on transforming everyday movements into dance, through improvisation. Particularly intriguing is the fact that it is possible to have different feelings and sensations, positive and negative valences at the same time, as a result of the effects of memory reconstruction. Two major elements are of concern: the determination of beginning and the end of a movement that is taking place on the body, and the modulation of earlier material as it results from pure recollection, without the use of video references. Of course, further transformations will happen as the sensor interfaces get integrated in the piece.

Following is a rehearsal excerpt, as well as the aforementioned interview in its entirety. The art installation seen at the back, which was made for another project, is by Maria Louvari, who was also interviewed for Δtopia.

Δtopia rehearsal


Dimitri Papageorgiou interview