November 9, 2020

Die Wolke art group

Die Wolke #6


Rehearsals at Vitruvian Thing

In the midst of our rehearsal process, much like the rest of Europe, the Greek government announced a nation-wide lockdown that has affected our ability to commute, including going to our own studio. We are making good progress at home with the code, music, and even the choreography, in a somehow more “static” manner. We expect the restrictions to ease next week for the final rehearsal phase, however this means that we don’t have any new presentable material in video right now.

The good news is that we got some exciting new sounds from Alfonso, who works remotely from London (in a way, we are all working remotely now), which means we are finished with the music. The codebase is nearing completion as well.

The 6th and final interview follows.


Evi Tzortzi interview