Instant Dissidence #2

Hello readers!

We have been busy behind the scenes planning, re-planning, drafting plans A, B and C for the work (several pandemic contingencies) and, of course, zooming about… We will share more with you very soon, but this week we would like to introduce the SlowMo Instant Dissidence team:


The performers

(professional dancer, Wales) Amber Howells is a 21-year-old bubbly bean from the heart of Cardiff, who has recently graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Classically trained in ballet, Amber joined Rubicon Dance at 16, where she trained full time for two years before embarking on her Northern journey. She has had the pleasure of working with Lea Anderson MBE, Wayne Parsons, The Hiccup Project, Caroline Finn, Fernanda Prata, and Ewan Jones for Netflix’s Sex Education. She has also co-founded physical theatre company ‘Yoodaloo’, striving to bridge the gap between activism and performance, and is currently working on their new inclusive piece Scant, in collaboration with Instant Dissidence. In her spare time, Amber dabbles in writing poetry, sustainable travelling, wild camping, swimming in rivers and time spent in nature. She is very passionate about protecting the environment and is thrilled to be working on SlowMo, discovering how we can make the dance sector more sustainable and educational.
(student dancer, Belgium) Amber Bosteels was born in Belgium. She developed a strong passion for dance when she started doing Indian dance at young dance. In 2012 She began to start her studies at MUDA kunstencampus, where she graduated in 2018. In those years she also joined The Maya Sapera Dance Company, a professional Indian dance company. After she moved to Leeds to commence her professional training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she’s currently in her final year of the BA. She has performed works by Maya Sapera, Emilie De Roo, Dieter Defurne, Chloe Geers, Yentl de Werdt, Marine Besnard, Alexandre Achour, Rita Marcalo and Yukiko Masui.
(student dancer, England) An emerging choreographer, writer and dance artist, Isla Hurst took part in the 2020 tour of ‘The Rebellion’ and the Instant Dissidence MicroCommisions project, and is thrilled to be touring with the company once more. She is a member and co-founder of three piece performance group ‘Yoodaloo Dance Theatre’ for which she has directed two works, and is also a climate activist in her own right. She feels very lucky to be part of a performance initiative that is carving out new ways of working for a climate positive world.
(student dancer, England) Kieran West: I am from Bracknell which is in Berkshire and started dancing when I was 15 years old. I got introduced to contemporary dance through my school and then joined Berkshire County Dance Company Youth. I found out about the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance through my own research and decided to audition. I’m now currently in my third year. Since being at NSCD I have worked on The Rebellion with Rita Marcalo and Drowning In Your Own Sins with Yukiko Masui.
(student dancer, England) Luis Dunn: I started dancing at the age of ten, specialising in Breaking. As I reached the age of fourteen I started to branch out into the contemporary dance scene, joining youth dance companies including Eden Youth Dance Company and Cumbria Youth Dance Company. At the age of fifteen I got accepted into the Centre for Advanced Training at the Lowry. From there I continued training on the CAT scheme until moving to the Northern School of Contemporary Dance at seventeen to achieve an Access to Higher Education Diploma. After that I continued training at Northern to begin the BA Hons.
(student dancer, Norway) Nora Aas is 22 years old from Norway. She started dancing in high school, with a dance program combined with regular lectures. In 2017 she moved to Trondheim to take her foundation year, and worked with dance artists like Mariama Slåttøy teaching for Subjazz, Kristine Berget and Siv Gaustad. She is now in her 3rd year at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK. In 2019 she worked with Barnaby Booth and Rita Marcalo.


Artistic Director/choreographer

(Portugal/Ireland) Rita Marcalo loves making art out of life, and living life as if it is art. Instant Dissidence is the vehicle through which she does it.



(Cyprus) Erdogan Kavaz is a freelance actor/producer/director from Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated in 2013 from Anadolu University/State Conservatory/Theatre Department/Acting. He started to work for several theaters after his graduation such as ‘’Nicosia Municipality Theatre’’, ‘’Nicosia Art Theatre’’, ‘’Attis Theatre’’ and some other temporary projects based on performing and art such as ‘’Buffer Fringe Nicosia”, ‘’Theatre Organization of Cyprus’’, “International Theatre İnstitute’’, “Theater Olympics”, etc. Mr. Kavaz is teaching as a freelancer as well as at the Naci Talat Foundation, where he is leading an amateur theatre group ‘’Theatre MAKİ’’ since 2016. Recently he participated as a dramaturg and co-creator in “Aerologies’’ contemporary dance project concept/choreography by Elena Christodoulidou. Erdogan is actively taking part in theatre projects, and social responsibility projects in Cyprus, Japan, China, Turkey and Greece.



Project Manager

(England/Ireland) Kristina Lomas has been responsible for the project management of various Instant Dissidence projects for over 10 years: from projects taking place in refugee camps, to Rita’s project on presenting an epileptic seizure as dance, to a project involving dancing continuously on public streets and roads for 2 months from England to Ireland, to more regular ‘dance in theatre venues’ projects. Originally from a sustainability consultancy background, Kris has a deep commitment to Instant Dissidence’s eco artivism.