September 14, 2020

Die Wolke art group

Die Wolke #2

Interviews and source material

Δtopia interview with Aliki Dourmazer


The Δtopia composition process starts with the interview of six local artists. We asked them the following questions:

  1. The topos (or place) of a creative act is an important contextual reference, whether it refers to actual geography, the sense of place, or abstractions, and can be used in the sense of origin or destination, memory or imagination, evocation of experience. In the context of a given work, what does place mean for you?
  2. How do you perceive displacement (in any context)?
  3. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word distance?
    3b. What’s the second thing?
  1. Consider spaces:

– The (one or more) physical spaces hosting the performer’s and the audience’s bodies

– A work’s setting, as in the space that is set up or implied on (actual or virtual) stage, to be perceived by the audience

– An abstract “language” space where the “vocabulary” and “syntax” of a specific work reside

How do these different spatial levels interact in your practice?

  1. In your work, what would you define as structure, and what as form?
  2. How is the virtual world affecting your practice?

Their responses were recorded and will constitute the raw material for the piece, both as abstract sound sources via editing, processing, and interactive/algorithmic arrangement, as well as in terms of content and meaning, through the imagery, ideas, mood, and disposition of the responses.

The first two interviews follow. The rest will be posted gradually, as the piece progresses, along with choreographic, sonic, hardware, and programming developments.


Video caption: Aliki Dourmazer Δtopia interview


Video caption: Harry Elektron Δtopia interview