Intro Post- A Buffer Fringe partnership: Mitos and Mağusa Kale Pasajı

JOIN US to create a complementary map of Cyprus. Elena Agathokleous and Nurtane Karagil are introducing “95 STOPS_Mapping the Space Between Us”, a community project which will be realised at the end of this November within the frame and in partnership with the Buffer Fringe Festival.

Help the two artists/curators to collect more ‘stops’. A stop can be a person who’s worth to meet, a taste to eat, a music piece to hear, a path to walk, a place to visit… anything, anywhere, anyone in Cyprus who can make us feel like home.

You can share a post of ** a relevant photo ** a piece of information ** the location ** in English, Turkish or Greek and post here:

This online calling will be on going until the 15th of October. There is a possibility Elena Agathokleous and Nurtane Karagil will include in their final activities some of the “stops” that are suggested in this platform. After, you will be tuned in on upcoming plans and collaborators.
Thank you very much and enjoy!!