Intro Post – Mağusa Kale Pasajı and Mitos, in collaboration with Famagusta New Museum

95 stops +  is here with Famagusta New Museum and proposes an [active] four-day workshop in Limassol within the frame of theYard.Residency.21 by MITOS and in Famagusta [Varoshia].

The participants will conduct research and intervene in the public and private urban space of both cities, interrelating stories and buildings, objects and people, dreams and nightmares… Which are the similarities/or not between Limassol and Famagusta seafronts and backyards? Highrise buildings, modernism, financial renaissance and hegemonic paradises meet with nature, its elements, silence and destruction. 

Image Credit: Nurtane Karagil

A series of performative actions will be executed and audio[visually] recorded. Memento moris of the workshop outcomes will be symbolically left in situ…

Elena Agathokleous, Eralp Kortach, Ioulita Toumazi, Nurtane Karagil and Yiannis Toumazis
will be on a journey between 24th and 28th August 2021 to connect the dots between two cities.