Intro Post – Rehearsing the Revolution

What is a memory?

Is it based on a true story or an accumulation of different events?  Is it yours, did it really happen?
During the past two days of our workshop we explored our views on the connection of past, present and future. By creating maps of our memories we liberated stories of plural pasts and (re)imagined possible futures.

Words are often overrated. By describing situations, a memory or a vision we take a risk to compress the world into a representation that we know. How do we go beyond the obvious?

In Rehearsing the Revolution we unravel reality from different point of views.
In our storytelling we can experience different perspectives and multiple truths and by doing that, discover what connects us.
We research ways to get past dominant narratives. With movement, poetry, visualizations, drawings. (De)constructing in order to create a space for narratives where we can meet, here and now.