September 5, 2020

cie K&A

Intro Post- cie K&A

This project started at the end of 2018 with hundreds of discarded agendas, “Une palette de gens”, people from different fields, ages & cultures were invited as constructors to embark with K&A on a long term research period to explore a year in more than 6000 years : 8102.
In the coming months we will be taking you with us into the world of the constructors of 8102. In this blog we will be sharing a series of videos containing extracts & interviews that zoom into the 8102 notebooks. Next to that we will be inviting some of the constructors to present a “carde blanche” in this context on their work on 8102.
Between now and the festival you will see 8102 popping up with an excerpt each 7 or 14 days for a total of 11 visual and sonor experiences.
How do we make our brains jump into the ultra-future? How do we imagine what will change and what can stay? Ready?
8… 1…. 0…. 2…. GO!


8102 Introduction