Intro Post- Creative Centre for Fluid Territories (CCFT)

Creative Centre for Fluid Territories (CCFT) is a peripatetic international research group that contributes to discussions about interdisciplinary practices and how they articulate critical insights about place making, belonging and occupation.

Building on last year’s contribution to Buffer Fringe 2019 – ‘The Urban Glenti’ – CCFT proposes to create a unique dialogical and negotiated creative exchange to take place on-line within a dedicated exposition: Images, sounds, texts, interviews, moving image are going to be used to contest the idea of fixed documentation in order to acknowledge how our relationship to places are not static and where conflict/tension/uncertainty also defines the creative process itself.
CCFT’s work methodology builds on an established mutual respect; track record and insight, rooted in a continued collaborative relationship that has emerged through trust and dialogue. Our focus is on practice-based research methods exploiting the creative intersection between image and text, presented as performance, publication, installation, architectural work, design intervention, music works and spatial practice. In the intersection of these formulations, we seek to explore the expanded concept of “the atlas” as a dissemination strategy. ATLAS – the order of memory – simultaneously linear and cyclic, ordered and labyrinthine, open to infinite interpretation and analysis — a form of mnemonic iteration – physical and virtual.


Let’s start with Stones – fragments of geology – that mark the compression of time and place. As they enter a collection, are put in a pocket, or set on a shelf with other found stones, they speak of memories and of displacement, and of their own silence – of exile. -SB/JH

One stone one day, one name at a time. -JS

I always come back to the mountains. -LL

The idea of this physical material thing standing there, for years and years, creating dialogues, the idea of it is like the truth even if it never happened. -DH

There are currently 17 stones on my mind. -SM

1 Lud’s Church, in the middle of nowhere, a meeting point for those looking for the sacred during the pilgrimage, the dialogue with the anonymous rambler, the discovery of nature. 2 These were the stones my father collected from the tunnels he worked in (sometimes at day and sometimes at night); they have no famous names; they are not known; they are just stones that now belong to me. 3 Impossible to feel anything else. 4 The Kolumba Art Museum in Cologne, Germany / encased & embodied in the St. Kolumba Church. The ‘rock’ attains new meanings in our cities and our lives, while keeping its ‘solid’ characteristics it could claim a PLACE in the immaterial world. 5 There* Russell Glacier is a glacier in the Qeqqata municipality in central-western Greenland. It flows from the Greenland ice sheet in the western direction. The front of the glacier is located 25 km east of Kangerlussuaq. Also, the Solovky Archipelago Russia, Eidsland, Norway, Sheffield, UK and Paradise lost, a book by Milton. 6 The Lochmaben Stone and me; a megalith standing in a field, on the farm of Old Graitney in Dumfries and Galloway on the Scottish / English border, Scotland. 7 Stone from the croft wall at Houbansetter, Shetland. Jim’s mother’s family’s croft from 1840’s – deserted since the 1960’s and now a ruin: returning to the landscape from which the rock was extracted.

CCFT’s on-going dialogue and process can be found here: