Intro Post- Instant Dissidence

SlowMo is a work which begins its creation from within the company’s dispersed state (Belgium, Norway, England and Ireland), and continues to be created as the company comes together and travels by land and sea to the performance destination.

Our work will investigate what site-specific (and travel-specific) work might mean. On the one hand the work will utilise mapping methodologies to reference the places we pass through whilst travelling to the performance sites. On the other, we will connect with the audience of those sites from the beginning of the journey: we are thinking of travel-blogging throughout, and of getting Nicosia audiences involved in setting us creative tasks whilst we travel. The work will make use not only of live performance, but also of film: this means that if we get stopped in our tracks due to another lockdown, we will have some materials that we can still present.

We can’t wait to share our process with you: we’ll be sharing every fortnight on a Thursday, so do pop back to read all about it!