September 3, 2020

Kat Kats

Intro Post- Kat Kats

My ‘Desk’


Here I Am.

And here I am.

A (newish) mum. And partner. And writer. And artist.

I sit on an old velvet chair that I picked up on the side of the road, that is my ‘desk’, sipping my morning coffee while my 7 month old baby naps, wondering what to put into this first blog post.

Because how do you describe/explain/introduce a work that you’re currently in the thick off/immersed in/consumed by?

I don’t think I can. So here’s three things that I can offer:

– The impetus for this work is the love letters of my grandparents. There’s somewhere in the realm of 135 of them. They span two continents. Over 18 months. From 1962 – ’64.
– I’ve just finished transcribing, now I’m translating. It’s not fun. It doesn’t feel like art. It feels like process. And I’ve learnt to stick with process.
– This process is happening in a very locked down Melbourne, Australia. Other parts of the process will happen in Larnaca, Cyprus. And others still, in a largely intangible virtual space. Over Zoom and FaceTime and Facebook Messenger and email and Dropbox. This feels strange but our current times are strange.

We’ll be sharing every fortnight on a Monday. Sometimes it’ll be me. Sometimes it’ll be Bryce. Sometimes it’ll be Kyriaki. Sometimes it’ll be all of us.

Looking forward to exploring and journeying and making – with you.

More soon.

x K