INVITATION: Saturday Oct. 9th – Nomadic Dialogue 2

Maronite Coffee, Cyprus © Susan Brind & Jim Harold, 2017


Nomadic Dialogue 2 – new fluid territories

Creative Centre for Fluid Territories (CCFT)*

We would like to invite you to participate in a nomadic dialogue around ideas of displacement.

Our conversation will be informed by sharing a collection – of photographs, drawings, short videos, sound clips, and short texts – with you from internationally dispersed, participants gathered over the last two months.

Please join us for a coffee or tea, online or round a table, at the Home4Cooperation on Saturday 9 October at 10.00-11.30 am.

* CCFT is an international group of artists, designers and architects, initiating discussions and creating critical dialogues, through their practices, about place and displacement, place making, marginality, belonging and occupation.

To find out more about CCFT please follow this link: