November 19, 2020

Kat Kats

Kat Kats #6

“I don’t know if I wrote these letters,” a conversation with Neofitos & Eleni


As part of our work Awaiting Your Response, we are painstakingly transcribing, translating and recording 130 letters, written between Neofitos and Eleni.

The pair have never re-read the letters, until now, sixty years later.

The letters elicit all sorts of responses—The pair laugh out loud at how naive they were. They argue about obscure details. They are shocked by what they once wrote.  Eleni even tries to deny she wrote these letters as a sixteen-year-old!

My job is to sit with them, as they record all 130 letters, and to ask them questions in English after each reading. It’s an epic undertaking!

This is a recent conversation we had together between recordings.