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Here you can read the biographies of each performer and learn about their works. Unveil the behind-the-scenes videos/images of their projects. Each artist describes their performance and how it relates to this year’s theme: Displacement. The works focus on the displacement of people, of the mind and of sound/movement. They discuss how displacement is caused by migration, war, climate change, an imagined future, the use of technology and most currently, by COVID-19. Click on the artists to dive into a deeper interpretation of each of their performances.

A Buffer Fringe partnership: Mitos and Mağusa Kale Pasajı

95 Stops / Mapping the Space Between Us

Argyro Nicolaou

History Lesson

cie K&A | (Postponed for Buffer Fringe 2021)


Collectiva Inanna

Taking Back the Booty: Loss & Belonging in the Eastern Mediterranean

Creative Centre for Fluid Territories

Fluid territories – nomadic on-line dialogue

Die Wolke art group


Instant Dissidence | (Postponed for Buffer Fringe 2021)


Kat Kats

περιμένω απάντηση / awaiting your response

Mixalis Aristidou


Monica Anna Day


Omiros Panayides and Eva Korae

Town Crier


I’ve made you a palm tree

Vikram Iyengar

A Multitude of Drops

Yasemin Collective


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