2022 | Vasilikí Anastasiou and The Amalgamation Choir

[from west to east]

Musical Performance | Cyprus

Sound. Harmony, Dissonance. Language. Culture [?].

«Που δύσην ως ανατολήν…» [from west to east…] An invitation to celebrate the human voice. Soundscapes, primal sounds, songs, whispers, lullabies. An interactive experience. A meditative moment. An open workshop / performance. Sit in the circle and get immersed into the sound of a 20+ member female choir. Sing, whisper or just close your eyes and listen.

Recommended: bring a yoga mat or towel for the floor.


[from West to East…] by Vasilikí Anastasiou & The Amalgamation Choir [CY]

Day 2: Saturday 8th of October 

from 21:00 (Part 2* – We encourage you to attend the whole evening in full, Part 1, Part 2, or both!)

Theatro Polis 


Creative Team:

Vasiliki Anastasiou (conductor) studied singing at the London College of Music. Whilst in London, inspired by the many colors, cultures and sounds of the city, yet infused with nostalgia for her home country, Maria formed the “Amalgamation Project”. With this band, she creates a mixture of acoustic and electric sounds, folk, and western melodies. Her love for polyphonic folk music later motivated her to create the all-female a capella ‘Amalgamation’ choir. The band and the female choir rarely perform together but collaborate here especially for the Buffer Fringe Festival.


Other Work by the Artists:





Vasilikí Anastasiou and The Amalgamation Choir photo 1
Vasilikí Anastasiou and The Amalgamation Choir photo 2

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