Susan Brind, Jim Harold, Yiorgos Hadjichristou, Duncan Higgins, Linda Lien, Shauna McMullan, Johan Sandborg & Ana Souto

Fluid territories – nomadic on-line dialogue

Inter-Disciplinary | Scotland | Norway | Cyprus | United Kingdom

Artist's work

Fluid territories – nomadic on-line dialogue is a creative exchange between internationally dispersed contributors within a dedicated web portal in the public domain. Eight members of the Creative Centre for Fluid Territories (CCFT), with invited other voices –practitioners, educators and cultural thinkers – will share ideas to generate a nomadic on-line dialogue’ about ‘place’, ‘displacement’ and ‘distance’.  This virtual meeting point will provide space for the transmission of ideas and knowledge, and for the process of interaction to be captured. The ‘live’ space will accumulate, create, document and share ideas, producing an evolving, inter-woven, multi-disciplinary collaborative series of works. CCFT’s nomadic on-line dialogue follows on from their previous activities, including the recent publications, ‘Fluid Territories’ (2020), ‘The Urban Glenti’ (Buffer Fringe, 2019), ‘Telavåg–Bergen’, Norway (2018), ‘Timeless Encounters : Place of Barley’, Ayios Sozomenos (2018), and ‘CCFT Colloquium:  People–Places–Processes’, Nicosia (2016).

Creative Team:

Susan Brind & Jim Harold (Artists, Glasgow School of Art), Yiorgos Hadjichristou (Architect, University of Nicosia), Duncan Higgins (Artist, Nottingham Trent University and University of Bergen), Linda Lien (Designer, Norway), Shauna McMullan (Artist, Glasgow School of Art), Johan Sandborg (Artist, University of Bergen), Ana Souto (Architectural Historian, Nottingham Trent University).

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Artist's work
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