2020 | Die Wolke art group


Inter-Disciplinary | Greece

About the Performance:

Δtopia by Die Wolke art group
Saturday, 5th December, 5:10 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Video performance at Theatro Polis – OPAP & Streaming (bufferfringe.org/live)
Sunday, 6th December,  7:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Video performance at Theatro Polis – OPAP & Streaming (bufferfringe.org/live)


About the Process:

Archimedes discovered displacement when perceiving that the submersion of objects in water causes water levels to rise, thus providing a way to measure the objects’ volume. This determined certain attributes, like density and material. Δtopia (pronounced Delta-topia) is a solo contemporary dance and sonic arts performance. “Delta” refers to the distance/difference between places. We are a proponent of synchronicity of method and material, and attempt to achieve this through technology. We will use sensor interfaces to facilitate the electronic interaction between movement and sound, by measuring certain attributes of motion in real-time. The sounds will be recordings of interviews with other artists. We will use motion data to modulate, resequence, or otherwise distort these sounds. The technology measures changes in body motion and we will observe how the sounds deviate in content and sonically. Both sound and body will be a form of displacement, resulting in literal and figurative displacements.

Creative Team:

Drosia Triantaki: performance, choreography
Drosia will choreograph and perform the piece. She has extensive experience with interactive systems and working with qualities of movement.

Dani Joss: sound art, programming
Dani will implement the interactive system in the Supercollider programming language, and will compose the soundscape composition. He will also be present live on stage.

Ioannis Perisoratis: hardware & electronics
Ioannis will work on the hardware interfaces, sensors, wireless communication systems, and networking, as well as the necessary mechanical hardware.

Alfonso De Grandis: sound art
Alfonso will work with the non-interactive aspects of the soundscape composition. Alfonso and Dani are frequent collaborators in the sound art vehicle Paradigm Weave.

Thinking Partner:

Dijana Milošević is an award-winning theatre director, writer and lecturer. Co-founder of DAH Theatre Research Center in Belgrade, she has been its leading director for over 25 years. She is involved in several peacebuilding and art initiatives and collaborates with feminists- activist groups.

Die Wolke art group photo 1
Trajectory of an Idea, May/June 2019, Die Wolke art group
Die Wolke art group photo 2
Trajectory of an Idea, May/June 2019, Die Wolke art group

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