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When the lockdown happened in March 2020, Irish-based company Instant Dissidence cancelled its tour. Members returned to their home countries: Ireland, UK, Belgium, South Korea, Norway. We are now a dispersed company.

For Buffer Fringe Festival we will investigate how to create new work from this dispersed state, and our process will initially involve online meetings/rehearsals. As we are a no-fly company (committed to a ‘kinder to the planet’ modality of touring), our travel to Cyprus will be via land and sea. Departing from Dublin, we will pass through various European countries, with a final travel stage from Istanbul to Cyprus.

Our work will make use of live performance, film, augmented reality, and mapping methodologies to investigate what site-specific work might mean both in terms of the performance site (local artists and communities), and of the sites we pass through whilst we travel to the performance site.

Creative Team:

Artistic Director: Rita Marcalo

Project Manager: Mia Di Chiaro

Dancers: Amber Bosteels, Diogo Santos, Gerard Headley, Nora Aas


3. Instant Dissidence photo 1
The Rebellion, 2019, photograph © Jane Hobson
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Artist's work
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