2022 | K&A

Relay of Matches

Parallel Activity | Switzerland

RELAY OF MATCHES is a simple collective action: a poetic ignition, a crucial gesture, to transfer the gravity of inflammability.


How inflammable are our thoughts? Our actions? Our links? All together, performers & audience, we relay a simple gesture… some would say a childrens game: passing the sparkle of a match from one to another. Success or failure is not the point. Like thousands of people before us we will share the fire. From body to body, hand to hand, match to match, border to border.
Note: this performance is participatory.


RELAY of MATCHES by K&A [Switzerland]

Day 3: Sunday 9th of October 

Parallel Activities: 20:00

Home for Cooperation – free event



Creative Team:

Artist duo K&A is formed by Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon.

Mixing their different backgrounds and their complex cultural roots, they spread poetical & political concepts. In their work, the single signature is killed, they work within an equal collective atmosphere. By de-sponging & de-stealing the world K&A extract the matiére premiére that will be distilled again. Out of continuous distillations wor(l)ds arise to invite/invade the public.


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