2020 | Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon


Inter-Disciplinary | Switzerland

(Postponed for Buffer Fringe 2021)

Four numbers, to form a single question: 8 1 0 2? K&A proposed a mirror, a window: 8102. Challenging the mind to mirror the year 2018 to 8102, the audience is asked to imagine a world in over 6000 years. The radiophonic piece of 8102 integrates a notebook library lying bright open on a table, with the voices of Karla Isidorou and Alexandra Bellon as a guide through the continuously transforming coordinates of over 70 notebooks. K&A created a performance made by collective research with a growing community, but also invite the audience to join them. The audience will leave with their own 8102 notebook, an invitation for a long term collaboration towards the future. This project challenges the audience to displace their imagination and minds altogether towards an unknown territory. We strongly believe in the transformative power of an idea… is an idea not just a seed of displacement?

Creative Team:

8102, is a growing project & community initiated by the artist duo K&A, formed by Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon. Mixing their different backgrounds and their complex cultural roots they spread poetical & political concepts. In their work the single signature is killed, they work within an equal collective atmosphere. By de-sponging & de-stealing the world K&A extract the matiére premiére that will be distilled again. Out of continuous distillations wor(l)ds arise to invite/invade the public. Part of 8102 is a growing community of humans with different ages, cultures, professions and conceptions of the world. Each one of them works on their notebook to create a world in more than 6000 years: 8102. A few of them: Jade (2006/FR), Hildegard (1942/NL), Giorgos (1975/GR), Christian (1955/CH) etc.

Thinking Partner:

Sofronis Sofroniou was born in Palechori, Cyprus. He studied Psychology at the University of Cyprus and Neuroscience at the City University of New York. He worked as a researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Neurology.

cie K&A  | (Postponed for Buffer Fringe 2021) photo 1
Photographer: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon).
cie K&A  | (Postponed for Buffer Fringe 2021) photo 2
Concept: K&A, Graphic Design: Mathilde Wingering Notebooks: 8102 constructors

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