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Interdisciplinary | Cyprus

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“DAME” intends to bring together diverse sectors of cultural activity, through performance art, architecture/fashion and archival research, to navigate the thematic convergence of mobility, displacement and identity. The project begins with trees, as a cultural symbol which relates to identified locality, revealing a past history of struggle and an aspiration for future progress. The human body transforms into a palm tree. A tall and sturdy column rooted into the soil, defying the horizon with its vertical outreach, opening up towards the sky into an ‘eruption’ of long and sharp needle-like leaves. Resembling a peacock, transforming from ‘flora’ to ‘fauna’. The artist uses palm tree leaves to portray a peacock’s closed tail and then into a courtship ritual of fanning upright feathers. The artist’s figure is planted into the soil, representing the palm tree’s roots belonging and a peacock’s feathers pride.

Creative Team:

PASHIAS is a visual artist, specialising in the art of performance, that will be heading this project in idea development, its physical execution, as well as overall aesthetic and conceptual direction. Katerina Scoufaridou is an architect and fashion designer, responsible for navigating the performance’s spatial relation to its presentation site, as well as for the fabrication of props and costume design necessities. Iosif Hadjikiriakos is the head of the Phivos Stavrides Foundation, responsible for idea development and archival research that is relevant to the performance’s thematic outline, composing new text documentation and writings assessing the artwork’s significance to current sociopolitical identity issues.

6. PASHIAS photo 1
"Periphora", Performance by PASHIAS, Nicosia - 2019, For .pelma.Lia Haraki + NiMAC, P. Vrionides
6. PASHIAS photo 2
“Mountaintop", Performance by PASHIAS, Nicosia - 2018, For State Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art, E. Charalambous
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Artist's work
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