2021 | PERA

Wheel of Radical Affection

Dance | Cyprus


An orbit around a field of dynamic synergy. Collective pulses as a common ground re-shaping matter in the body whilst inquiring what pulses in & in-between us. Meeting states of vitality as a form of resistance in an attempt to lubricate dried dreams & tune into every form of transformative domain. The image landscape shifts as people weave friction reality & fiction, mobilizing an archive of images, experiences & sensations that modulate & re-build the phenomenon of “now”. Challenging edges of participation, while updating the relations present in the space [ visible & invisible].

Creative Team:

– Direction: Rafaela Sahyoun [both in presence & remote]

– Performers & Collaborators: Andrea Aguado Martin, Anna Kuszarecka, Auguste, Bente Bulens, Ester

Machado, Francisca Alves, Giovana Sanchez, Maria Costa, Rita Gaspar, Tocas

– Creation assistants & collab: Francisca Alves & Tocas

– Rehearsal assistants: Francisca Alves, Flore Muuse, Inês Galrão, Tocas

– Artistic collab: Inês Galrão

– Music: performers breath & AGF – Cognitive Modules Party II

– Thanks to: Beáta Rekemová, Barbora Vaňková, Lea Simonsmeier, Marta Pajares, Nora Paul, Pilar Lopes &

Sevim Akpinar, Lloyd Miles, Barlas Sahinoglu

– Produced by PERA

PERA photo 1
Image Credits: Ozan Tezvaran

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