2021 | SPACE, Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival (by Home for Cooperation). Powered by the European Cultural Foundation

Rehearsing the Revolution

Community based theatre | Netherlands | Hungary | Cyprus

Rehearsing The Revolution starts with a workshop, a journey of imagining fictitious revolutions, shifts in how we relate to the other, to the  past and to the future creating a playground for the imagination. SPACE brings a week of  playful activities and immersive storytelling based on the ‘politics of the personal’. The narrative is generated through storytelling, spoken word, movement and theatre, all on the edge of fiction and  reality. The participants will work in pairs, individually and together as a group and actively shape the 5-day creative process with their contributions culminating in a performance in the form of community based theatre. They will become co-authors and by engaging, re-imagining,  sharing local experiences, stories and narratives of the Island; They create material for an interactive presentation, an imaginary proposal for a new European narrative.


Creative Team:

Led by Petra Ardai (theatre maker,  artistic director of SPACE) together with Jörgen Unom Gario (poet, spoken word artist), Tamara Vadas  (dancer, choreographer), Nihal Soğancı (Anthropologist and member of the Buffer Fringe team), Maria  Varnakkidou (Theatre Director and member of the Buffer Fringe team). Participating artists: Avgoustina Stylianou, Celia Hiu Ting Wong, Eleana Alexandrou, Emilia Demetriou, Ceren Emmioğlu, Thadd Correia.

Thinking Partner:

Partner photo

Gürgenç Korkmazel

Gürgenç Korkmazel, Paphos born poet, writer, translator. He has published six poetry, three short story collections. His books have been published in Nicosia, Istanbul and Athens. His poems and short stories have been translated into many languages.

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