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“Muzuru” is a collaborative project between a musician and two actors, a performance portraying the forbidden love of a Turkish Cypriot man and a Greek Cypriot woman. The actors will be accompanied by a musician who will be using live loops, electronics and electric bass to create sound and rhythm-scapes. The performance is based on Tsiattista (rhyming couplets) written by Avgoustina’s grandfather, Christophoros Stylianou and also Turkish Actisma/Mani (rhyming couplets).

This performance is supported by the Embassy of Norway in Athens and McDonald’s.
Muzuru by Tera Group [CY]

Day 3: Sunday 9th of October 


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Creative Team:

Avgoustina Stylianou is an actress and she has worked in various Athens and Cyprus theatres, such as ETHAL, Rialto and THOC. Since 2017 she has been active in performance art, she also conducts acting courses for kids and elder people.
Soteris Christodoulou is a musician and composer, he has a wide range of musical interests. Since 2012, he has been teaching electric bass and music theory lessons. His main influences are rock, jazz, fusion, soul, EDM, rnb, hip-hop, ambient, and classical music.
Erdoğan Kavaz aka Erdou has been acting, directing and guiding individuals and groups for the last 12 years. Actively he is in collaboration with Theater Attis by Theodoros Terzopoulos (2017-) and PERA School of Performing Arts (2021-)
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