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Performing Arts Festival

“Telling the uncommon stories of festivals: the role of  Festivals and Creativity in Conflict Transformation”

Hosted by the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival and IMPACT (Imagining Together Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation), in collaboration with The Festival Academy, on October 11-12, 2021

Exploring the relationship between festivals and creativity, we will  ask how festivals and creative endeavours can create new ways of seeing which play a crucial role in conflict transformation. Reaching out from the buffer zone of Nicosia to the world, the importance of where and when will be building blocks of the forum we will ultimately discuss the mechanisms that serve to create synergies between arts and creativity for conflict transformation with local and global examples, through the experience of the Buffer Fringe and its partners, IMPACT and The Festival Academy. 

Through this 2-day hybrid forum we hope to answer the main question:

 “What are the characteristics of a festival that connect people across differences, and how can those characteristics be enlisted intentionally to increase prospects for conflict transformation? 

“How can festivals create the space for new ways of seeing?”

“How can artists, festival makers and audiences challenge dominant narratives?” 

The event is by invitation only, and will involve Festival stakeholders from Cyprus, the Euro-Mediterranean and globally. 

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2021 

A virtual Forum about Festivals at the Buffer Fringe 2021:

Welcome back!

Carrying on with the theme of Displacement in 2021 will complement and expand the creative, artistic and thinking processes that have started in 2020. 2021 will include postponed works from 2020, as well as new works and partnerships / collaborations.

Taking the past year’s experiences into consideration, and the hybrid approach, artists will bring a new dimension to the ongoing work. The Festival still entails a strong work-in-progress component and fosters several innovative approaches in order to support artists, provide a creative thinking space and to develop new audiences, giving a chance for the theme to come full circle.

The festival was developed by the Home for Cooperation team in 2014, with the idea of providing a platform to question sensitive topics, expressing ideas in new and creative ways. This will enable people to engage with one another regardless of the dominant historical narratives, ideologies or identities which are very much politicized and often divisive for the peoples of Cyprus.

We are working through alternative and interdisciplinary methods to put together an innovative artistic program. Through the Buffer Fringe, our aim is to foster the spirit of solidarity also through parallel events such as a conference to unpack support mechanisms for festivals and to further elaborate on how Covid-19 affected artists, the arts and the cultural sector. We believe that this is of particular importance to understand and re-create the future of the arts and festivals after the Covid-19 crisis.

Stay tuned for updates. 

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